Registration guide

To register for courses through the Banner 9 system, follow the step-by-step process below. 

Registration is only open during certain periods of time, in accordance with a student's enrollment classification (undergraduate, graduate, nondegree-seeking). 

Changes to a student’s registration status could have an impact on the receipt of financial aid and tuition refunds. 

Registration tutorial

Step-by-step instructions

Register for classes

  1. Log onto eServices.
  2. Select the Students tab.
  3. Scroll to the Student-Registration Section.
  4. Click on Register for Classes.
  5. Select the term for which you’d like to register and click continue.
  6. Enter your search criteria. You may search by subject and any other search options of your choice. All the classes that match your criteria will be displayed.
  7. Click Add for the class for which you would like to register. The class will be displayed in your schedule.  ** Note that you are not yet registered for the class.**
  8. Go to the Summary section on the bottom right. The class(es) will be listed as pending.
  9. Click submit to attempt to register for the class(es).

If unsuccessful, the reasons why will be displayed in the notification center in the upper right of the screen. Click submit again and the message/unsuccessful class(es) will go away.

If successful, the class(es) will be listed as registered in the summary tab.

CRNs and College Scheduler tool

You may also add classes by CRN using the Enter CRNs tab.

The College Scheduler tool is still available for use within Banner 9 and can be accessed from the main eServices Registration menu. Once you have created a plan and sent it to your cart, it can be found on the Plans tab within Banner 9 registration (College Scheduler no longer sends plans to the old Banner registration site). You must still click Add next to each class to add it to your Summary, and then submit from the Summary box to attempt to add the classes.

View your schedule

To view your schedule, click on the Schedule and Options tab within the Register for Classes site.